Stroh String Bass"Phono or horned string instruments developed at the turn of the 20th century in the first instance to assist in sound recordings on to wax cylinders as a sharper sound was needed. As recording techniques improved phono instrument enjoyed some popularity as novelty instruments. Many thousands of one string phono fiddles were produced of varying quality. Augustus Stroh was the pioneer in the market and produced the more  superior instruments with their patented diaphram arrangement. Violins, violas, cellos, basses, ukuleles and guitars were made. The 4 string violins are scarce but other versions are extremely rare today.  As wax cylinder players lost popularity to the development of the disc recordings by the 1920s Stroh's production gradually slowed." --


John Matthias Augustus Stroh | Stroh Violin | Strohviol More information on Stroviols at Tony Bingham's Old Musical Instruments.



Stroh String Bass
Photo courtesy Becca Kristovsky


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Luthier/Builder Brand Name: Stroh
 This brand makes basses
Other Info: John Matthias Augustus Stroh | Stroh Violin | Strohviol
Country of origin: uk - England (UK)  Locale: London

Categories: Atypical Instruments Currently NOT in production Upright Bass - Acoustic

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