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Atlansia President Nobuaki Hayashi (aka H. Noble) on "The Guitars of Matsumoku"  1981 Hayashi Patent 1994 Pickup Patent Guitar Neck Patent and at Matsumoku (from Bean)

Atlansia Pickups on TalkBass

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More about Atlansia from Torch's Vintage Guitar Research Blog, " apparently well-known, still in existence guitar manufacturer, Atlansia. I did not know that this wasn't a Matsumoku badge until I did a little research and discovered it was connect to the Matsumoku story due to the current president of the company, Nobuaki Hayashi. Hayashi was the creative engineering genius behind many of Matsumoku's extensive catalog, particularly the Aria badge. Some Aria Pro II guitars designed by Hayashi carry the old H. Noble signature...something to be proud of if you own one of these early Hayashi designs!..."

Atlansia Bass - Victoria (This one is my faves on this site and is in my opinion one the most beautiful bass designs ever)   specs  more   more   more

Atlansia Victoria 5-string Fretless Bass

4-string Fretted

Atlansia Guitar - Century

Atlansia Bass World 

Atlansia Bass

Atlansia Bass - Garland

Atlansia Bass - Concord

Atlansia Bass - Pegasus

Atlansia Bass - Oxford

Atlansia Bass - Stealth


Nobuaki Hayashi (aka H. Noble)
Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture Atoranshia Ltd.
Tel :0263-25-2389, FAX :0263-25-6644




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Luthier/Builder Brand Name: Atlansia
 This brand makes basses 
Models: Garland, Concord, Victoria, Pegasus, Oxford, Stealth, Galaxy, Solitaire-Soritea, Breeze Bass
Other Info: Nobuaki Hayashi (aka H. Noble) | Matsumoku | Aria Email: Phone: 0263-25-2389 Contact: Nobuaki Hayashi (aka H. Noble)
Country of origin: jp - Japan  Locale: Nagano

Categories: Atypical Instruments Bass: 1-String Bass: 2-String Bass: 3-String Bass: 4-String Bass: 4-String Fretless Bass: 5-String Bass: 5-String Fretless Bass: 6-String Bass: 6-String Fretless Boutique Small Shop (employs 5 or less) Terri-s Cool Picks

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