Aria Pro II

Aria Pro II (Aria is pronounced are-ee-ah) was started in 1975 to create a high end line of guitars and basses produced initially in Japan by Matsumoku.  Nobuaki Hayashi (pseudonym H. Noble) currently of Atlansia, was a designer at Aria Pro II and was responsible for the design of the Aria Pro II SB-1000 Bass Guitar.

Aria Pro II SB 1000

These SB-1000 basses have, "The Aria Pro II - DeSigned & Approved by H. Noble Original Custom Body P.No. 555719 A Product of Matsumoku. 4 11 N.M." or "Specially Designed & Approved By ARIA Research & Development LAB. Original Custom Body Pat. No. 555719"

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Aria Pro II H.Noble Headstock

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Jack Bruce endorsing the SB-1000
Jack Bruce Aria Pro II

Aria Pro II Avante Series

Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass Black'n Gold I released at Namm 2013  - Cliff Burton's family and friends talk about this amazing bass player.

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Luthier/Builder Brand Name: Aria Pro II
 This brand makes basses
Models: SB-1000
Other Info: Matsumoku, H. Noble
Country of origin: jp - Japan

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