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Buying an Alembic bass is much like buying a Rolls Royce.  These are amongst the most expensive basses you can buy costing around $20,000 for a typical model.   Mostly they are the most beautiful examples of fine woods and craftsmanship.

Alembic was founded by Ron and Susan Wickersham in 1969 as Alembic Inc.  Rick Turner became a shareholder in 1970.

Alembic website

Alembic Group on Facebook

Alembic is on our Top Ten Boutique Basses list

Alembic is featured in Jim Robert's book American Basses

Alembic (Short) History by Mica Wickersham, "Alembic is a lot more that just a company or a logo on the end of the peghead. Alembic is a way of creating musical instruments unique and outstanding in their field. Alembic is a place where ideas and materials come together in a search for knowledge and wisdom focusing on the purest aspects of each. Alembic is the concept of complete flexibility in design. Our company was started more than twenty five years ago by my parents Ron and Susan Wickersham. Originally it was a consulting firm that worked closely with the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby Stills Nash & Young and the like. We were trying to improve the quality of live sound and recordings of live concerts. After improving many aspects of the sound system and live recording techniques, the guitars and basses the musicians were playing needed attention to further improve the live concert experience. Too much noise and too many repairs required for a touring band to deal with. It was clearly time to improve the electronics..."

Alembic (Long) History

Alembic on Wikipedia

Notable Players: Stanley Clark


Favorite Alembic Bass Guitar Models

Alembic Forum

Notable Players

Stanley Clark Alembic Bass

Endorsers: Alembic has always had strict no endorsement policy.  Susan Wickersham, "the most successful artists can afford to pay for their instruments but if we gave them endorsement deals the cost of those instruments would have to be recovered from customers who are far less able to afford it"

Alembic has made two exceptions: Stanley Clarke was given a specially inlaid instrument to celebrate 30 years of working together. And ,Mark King, in 1986, received two 34" scale Series 2 basses and then ordered two more in identical woods with 32" scale.

Check out Stanley Clarke's extensive works






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