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Bass Guitars, EUB's & More - We are one of the Internet's premier websites for everything to do with bass guitar.  We have information, resources, links and photos to over 1000 musical instrument brands.  Whether you are looking for new or vintage, mainstream or boutique, student or professional gear, you'll find it here.  We also have links to dozens of forums and other bass guitar resource websites and we can also help you find a place to purchase the bass guitar of your dreams.

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"Terri - Thank you for taking the time and effort to put all this info together. It's definitely the most complete and comprehensive compilation of  manufacturers and general information on the whole web. ... " - Alex Costa - Administrator - contrabaixobr.com

"Terri ... I only recently learned that I had been added to your website. Thank you very much for that addition! I am seeing 2 or 3 hits per day on my website where bassaholic.com is the referring site. ... Thanks again for your website ...  A wealth of information is there!" - Cleve Johnson, owner/builder of LedBelli BASS Guitars, in WA, USA

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